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Note: If you're looking for a Phlebotomy Training program so you can work as a Phlebotomist in California or Louisiana, this program will not work for you. This California class is for medical professions like MA, EMT, LVN, RN, etc.The class is not for those who want to work in a hospital or lab as a phlebotomist. For more information, Google- phlebotomy training in California.

July 2018

Des Moines, IA                                     7/27/18                                7/20/18

Phoenix, AZ                                          7/31/18                               7/24/18

August 2018

New York, NY                                      8/13/18                                8/6/18                     
Boston, MA                                               8/15/18                                    8/8/18

Los Angeles, CA                                  8/25/18                                8/18/18

Denver, CO                                          8/31/18                               8/24/18

September 2018

Atlanta, GA                                           9/24/18                              9/17/18

Dallas, TX                                            9/25/18                              9/25/18

Houston, TX                                         9/27/18                              9/20/18

October 2018

Chicago, IL                                           10/1/18                             9/24/18

Phlebotomy Training Schedule
For Medical Professionals
Training facilities information will be disclosed as the training class date nears. Check back for updates.

The Phlebotomy Training Schedule is for the 2 Days hands-on training. The training includes one day online and one day hands-on training. This works great for companies who have a small group that needs training. Private group phlebotomy training can also be scheduled for a different date upon request and availability.You will receive a certificate of completion.

 Registrations less than 3 weeks before the opening of the online training will incur a $50.00 late fee. If you are interested in a class, register! As classes without sufficient registrations will be canceled.  

*There is a $50.00 discount for 3 or more registrations from a company/group.
Location                               Training Date            Online Training Opens
2018 Phlebotomy Training Schedule- $899.00
Check back for an update schedule!