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Note: If you're looking for a Phlebotomy Training program so you can work as a Phlebotomist in California, Louisiana, or Washington State,  this program will not work for you. This California class is for medical professions like MA, EMT, LVN, RN, etc.The class is not for those who want to work in a hospital or lab as a phlebotomist. For more information, Google- phlebotomy training in California.
  • Accumed Research Associates, New York
  • AppTec Laboratories, Minnesota
  • AIDS Related Community Services, New York
  • Barbara Davis / Childhood Diabetes, Colorado
  • Buffalo Neurological Analysis Center, New York
  • Caris Life Sciences, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Center for Oral and Facial Surgery, Tennessee
  • Centex Studies, Texas
  • Children Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP), Pennsylvania
  • Cornell University, Nutritional Sciences Human
  • Department of State Health Services, Texas
  • Dr. Jay P. Malmquist, Oregon
  • Dr. Keith Marshall,DDS , New York 
  • Elite Clinical Studies, LLC, Arizona
  • Ellsworth Uveitis & Retina Care, Maine
  • Emory University, Georgia
  • Exceptional Opportunities, Inc., Iowa
  • FGI Research, Tennessee
  • Global Autotransfusion, North Carolina
  • Howard Brown Health Center, Illinois
  • Howard Surgery Center, North Carolina
  • Johnson and Johnson, Pennsylvania
  • LaVida Health Services, New Mexico
  • MASS Community Health Center, Massachusetts
  • Metabolic Research Lab, New York
  • MIddleton Dental Care, Massachusetts
  • Northwest Renal Clinic, Portland, Oregon
  • Ohio State University- Human Nutrition, Ohio
  • People Incorporated, Minnesota
  • Precise Research Center, Mississippi
  • Phillips Academy, Isham Health Center, Massachusetts 
  • San Jose Valley Research, California
  • Scottsdale Sports Medicine, Arizona
  • Smith Clinic, Ohio
  • South Coast Clinical Trials, California
  • Springfield Neurology Associates, Massachusetts
  • Stein Urology, Illinois 
  • The Aids Project of Central Iowa, Iowa
  • The Neurology Center, Michigan
  • TransRay Diagnostic , New Mexico
  • Urologic Associates of Iowa City PC, Iowa
  • V.A. Medical Center, Nebraska
  • V.A. Medical Center, Minnesota
  • V.A. Medical Center, New Mexico
  • Vanderbilt University-Human Genetics Research,Tennessee
  • Vitreos Retina Macula Consultants, New York
  • WuXi AppTec, Inc., Minnesota  
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Phlebotomy Training Schedules
​The First Schedule lists the different cities our upcoming phlebotomy classes will be held in. 

The Second Schedule lists the dates we are offering online classes through our Instructor-Led Phlebotomy Training Online Program! Since class is held online training can be completed virtually anywhere!

Registrations less than 4 weeks before the training will incur a $50.00 late fee. If you are interested in a class, register! Classes without sufficient registrations will be canceled.  

*There is a $50.00 discount for 3 or more registrations from a company/group.

Private Group Phlebotomy Training can be scheduled for a different date upon request and availability. Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion!

  There Are TWO Different Phlebotomy Training Schedules Listed Below! 
2 Day Phlebotomy Training Schedule  -  $899 
                *The online training portion will open up one week before class.  Registrants will receive an email on how to self-register. 
                                                                     The online course must be completed prior to attending class.  

NOTEBOSTON, MA - In order to reduce the class size two separate training sessions are being offered: Morning Class and Evening Class.                Register for the class you are interested in attending. Registration for these sessions will close once class has reached capacity. 
                                                                                                                   Register Now!
Class Date:                                            Class Time:                          Location:                          

Friday, June 26th                                          9:00AM - 4:00PM                    Des Moines, IA                                      

Friday, July 17th  Morning Class               8:00AM - 12:00PM                   Boston, MA                           
Friday, July 17th  Evening Class                1:00PM - 5:00PM                      Boston, MA

Tuesday, July 21st                                         9:00AM - 4:00PM                      Chicago, IL                                                           

*The online training portion will open up two weeks before class.  Registrants will receive an email on how to self-register. 
            The online course must be completed prior to participating in the Instructor- Led  class. NO EXCEPTIONS
Instructor-Led Phlebotomy Training Online Schedule  -  $799 
Class Date:                               Class Time:                     Location:                              

Tuesday, June 9th                         9AM - 4PM CST                   Online                                                            

Tuesday, June 23rd                       9AM - 4PM CST                   Online                          

  Click To Register:  
Two emails will be sent 2 weeks before the scheduled class. The first email will contain the information regarding how to self-register for the Phlebotomy Online Training course. This course must be completed prior to the start of the scheduled online class. No exceptions. 

The second email will contain instructions on how to access the Instructor-Led Phlebotomy Training Online class via ZOOM. Class can be joined with internet connection by using desktop, Windows or MAC or any mobile device that has a camera and microphone. A headset or earphones with microphone works as well.

Your company will need to provide the supplies needed for practice on the day of the Instructor-Led class. 
The supply list is located on the class registration page. 

You will practice the phlebotomy techniques using the vacutainer needle and the butterfly needle. There will be discussion on how to select veins and how to draw blood from patients with difficult veins. There will be a skill assessment portion of class. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they learned in class. 
Your demonstration will be observed and critiqued by the phlebotomy instructor. There will be a question and answer portion of class and much more! 

* This online training program can be completed from any location. How convenient!

* Successful participants receive a Certificate of Completion!

The Instructor-Led Phlebotomy Training Online Is A Two-Part Program!
We provide the same great training but in a different environment!
Click To Register:   
PART ONE: Complete the online training class.

PART TWO: Attend the scheduled Instructor-Led Training Online class session.